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Biting the Control Number Bullet

If you use lot and/or serial numbers on a regular basis and you haven’t activated PowerShift’s control number feature for the affected items, you might want to consider it. PowerShift has a number of functions that facilitate management of lot- and serial-controlled inventory.

  • Options enable flexibility in how control numbers are assigned. They can be sequential, include a constant (i.e., based on date, product class or other criteria) as a prefix or suffix, and can be up to 16-characters long.
  • Control numbers can be pre-assigned when an order is created so product labels or name plates can be generated. Label printing can be launched automatically as orders are released or as a separate process controlled from the production floor.
  • When control numbers are pre-assigned, only assigned control numbers can be received.
  • In shipping you record the control numbers that have been consumed. You can use a wireless input device to complete entry and save time by scanning the items as you pick them for the sales order. The customer packing list and invoice can optionally list the serial numbers shipped.
  • If you warrantee lot-controlled or serialized products, the warranty date and duration is tracked.
  • If you offer extended service contracts, PowerShift can help with the process.

Inquiries enable you to see the transactions associated with an entered serial number:

  • View the supply order that created the serial number
  • View the associated shipments
  • View the associated RMAs
  • View the item's service contract - and create an RMA in the same process

When you think about using control numbers, the operative word is control. PowerShift tracks controlled items from receipt through shipment. What happens if you shipped a controlled item that a customer wants to return – but PowerShift never “saw” the control number? The Control Number Entry (ICE) program enables you to add required lot/serial numbers to the system and so that they are available for the generation of an RMA (Return Material Authorization).

If you’re not using PowerShift to track your controlled inventory and want to start, contact the Qantel Helpdesk  or call us at 630.300.6997.



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