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ERP Implementation Considerations

Richard Morton, Director of Regional Sales, Qantel Technologies Inc.

Some major considerations in a cost-effective and successful ERP implementation include pricing and packaging, data migration, handling of custom requirements, access to new features, and ease of upgrades.  Read on to learn how PowerShift addresses these considerations to deliver outstanding performance and provides unequaled value.

The initial cost of the software always gets examined first.  PowerShift is a complete system – and it’s packaged that way.  No extra or hidden costs and no additional PowerShift modules are required to use the entire system.  This is a major divergence from QMRP and from our competitors.  Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice capability because adding a module meant exceeding the project’s budget. 

Qantel’s staff of consultants work with PowerShift developers to migrate customers to PowerShift quickly and efficiently with no loss of data.  PowerShift can be completely installed and operational in about 200 man hours!  That small amount of time is simply phenomenal in the industry -- and as far as we can determine no other vendor even comes close.  This aspect alone can save tens of thousands of dollars if not more!  Our expert knowledge of the QMRP data base enables us to port ALL of your data – including the valuable history files.  In fact, your data becomes even more usable and accessible in PowerShift.

When we discover unique business conditions during an implementation, our philosophy is to incorporate required functionality directly into PowerShift.  Gone are the days when the customer had to hire programmers to customize the software to fit some aspect of the business.  With PowerShift’s flexible system parameters and options, you no longer waste your time and money on custom software solutions. And because you have no customization, you can easily upgrade to the next release of PowerShift without the high costs that often prevented QMRP customers from upgrading.

PowerShift is an evolving and growing system.  As business conditions change, legislatively as well as organically, PowerShift is being improved to be ready for them.  This often overlooked benefit means that PowerShift is always ready to meet your needs – today and in the future.  New capabilities are being engineered into PowerShift every day.  To highlight just a few recent additions:  RF Data Collection, Shop Labor (specific to use at the shop floor) Data Collection, MES, Product Configurator, ECO tracking, more integration into PC software.  And all features are added at no additional cost to our PowerShift customers.

To survive and grow in today’s business climate, you must  capitalize on business conditions, good or bad, and execute even quicker and leaner than ever before.  Qantel is ready.  PowerShift is ready.  And you need to be ready, too!  PowerShift can become a critical cog in your success – give us a call to learn about the attractive programs we offer to help you step-up to PowerShift.


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